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Certified Financial Fiduciary

Retirement & Income Specialist 

Lawrence Castillo is President/Owner of L and C Retirement Income Planners and host of Safe Money & Income Radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lawrence has worked in the insurance industry for over 39 years and proved himself as a reliable source of information in all facets of planning for a secure retirement. Serving as a member of the Life Insurance Underwriters, Lawrence excelled in estate planning and retirement income planning. He has taken his knowledge as a Moderator for 10 years and is currently a Retirement & Income Specialist. 

In addition, Lawrence is also a weekly Syndicated Columnist in several New Mexico newspapers. Recently, Lawrence was awarded Most Admired Advisor in Gallup New Mexico.

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lawrence has lent his abilities to business owners, pre-retirees, and seniors and helped guide them away from common pitfalls in planning for retirement. He has a passion for helping individuals plan, manage, and protect their assets, and looks forward to each opportunity that allows him to share his knowledge. 


Vice President 

Charlotte Castillo is Vice President of L and C Retirement Income Planners, Inc. She has been in the Insurance Industry for over 16 years in both management and sales. She is a Presidents Club Member and has qualified for 13 National Conventions. She holds licenses in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia. She is an essential part of the retirement planning process in our agency meetings, record keeping and correspondence, and the preparation of the Safe Money and Income materials. 

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Lawrence Castillo, LUTCF, CFF

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