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Spotlight On Lawrence Castillo

Spotlight on Lawrence Castillo

Spectrum Interview With Lawrence Castillo

Channel 32.1 KAZQ TV - New Mexico - Interview With Lawrence Castillo

What Are Annuities?

Discover The Different Types of Annuities, The Pros and Cons.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Index annuities are enjoying quite a bit of interest in the current economic environment.

Retirement Planning For Women

Find out why annuities might be a good retirement investment for women.

Growth Without Market Risk

What is market risk and how to grow your retirement while avoiding it.

Variable Annuities

How they work as well as fees and expenses associated with them.

401K Fees & Rollover Options

Discover the fees and expenses associated with 401K investments.

Bonds Explained

Discover the risks and yields associated with bonds.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders

How they can be used to ensure that you never run out of retirement money.

Long Term Care Insurance

Do you know how the system works?

Understanding Mutual Funds, Fees & Expenses

Understanding mutual funds, fees and expenses

Verifying Social Security Records

Verifying Social Security records to maximize your benefits.

Understanding Promissory Notes

Learn about promissory notes.

Understanding Municipal Bonds

Learn about municipal bonds.

Tax Advantages Of Life Insurance

Learn about the tax advantages of life insurance.

Should You Rent Or Buy Life Insurance

Should you rent or buy your life insurance.

The Basics Of Life Insurance

Learn the basics of life insurance.

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Lawrence Castillo, LUTCF, CFF

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